The Importance of Having a Local Dentist

by Dr. Stahly on August 8, 2019, 12:38 pm

Today, we have anything we need virtually at our fingertips.  How many pints in a quart?  Bingo, we have the answer on our phone in a matter of seconds.  What’s the latest Adam Sandler movie?  Boom, the answer is on our computer in less than 5 seconds.  (As of early August 2019, the answer to that question is Murder Mystery on Netflix.  I know you wanted that information).  What is the weather forecast for tomorrow?  Bam, we have the data in our hands in seconds.  No need to be caught off guard.  We read books online, get our news online, and even shop for groceries online.  Technology is wonderful and it is here to stay.  There are, however, areas of our lives where we still need a bit of human interaction.

Healthcare is one of those areas.  We can research latest medical and dental procedures and diagnoses online.  We can shop for dental and medical products online, and often get good deals.  But when it comes to truly taking care of our personal health, interaction with a trusted professional is needed.  That is where a general dentist can be extremely valuable.  The staff in a dental office are trained to check, diagnose, clean, treat, and help you pay for care to keep you healthy.  If your condition cannot be treated in a general dentist’s office, the staff will schedule an appointment with a specialist to aid in care and coordinate the whole process.

Stahly Family Dentistry has been around for almost 23 years.  The office has roots that go back to the 1950s.  We have been helping Muncie and the surrounding areas with general dentistry needs for all that time.  We are locally owned, Dr. Stahly and all the staff are from Delaware or the immediately surrounding counties, and we all are invested in the highs and lows of the area economy and schools.  Our goal has been for our office to have the access and flexibility of a corporate office with the kindness and service of a private practice.  Having discussions with a local dentist will keep you in control of your dental health and your treatment will be customized for you and your family.  Young, old, insured, uninsured, PPO or State plans—we work and cater to all.  Please enjoy using our website and exploring the services we provide.  As always, if more information is needed, please call.