Paying for Dentistry

by Dr Stahly on February 1, 2022, 2:08 pm

Paying for DentistryIn the large world of healthcare with all it’s complexities, the understanding of how to pay for that care is often very confusing. We go to the doctor, show a card, then magically the medical office will tell us what we owe, where we can go if further treatment is needed, and when we can come back. All from the information on that “magic” card. Having that card is very important and healthcare coverage that is affordable and accessible is a right for everyone. Used properly, that coverage is an invaluable piece of keeping all of us mentally and physically healthy.

Does dental insurance also come with a “magic” card? In most case, yes it does. Present that card at your local dental office and the wonderful staff in the front office will use that card to determine what your out-of-pocket cost will be for prescribed dental treatment. That card will also tell you where you can go for that dental treatment and how often you can go for treatment. There is an important difference between the medical and dental magic cards. You are still able to choose your dentist and dental care with a magic dental card. Suppose your dentist says you need fillings that costs a total of $300. If your magic card says your dentist is a member of their group, your costs for those fillings may be $30, with insurance paying the rest. If your magic card says your dentist is not a member, then you cost may be $60, with insurance paying the rest. You are still able to choose where your dental work is completed. Why would someone pay double for fillings if they can get them somewhere else close by? In many cases, a patient and their family will opt for the less expensive option, and rightly so. In this day and age, it is silly to pay more for anything if quality care is available for full coverage. But what if you have built up a trust over many years with a non-member dentist? What if the non-member dentist is in your neighborhood or church? The important thing is patients do have a choice.

This post is not meant to be a discussion of what insurance can or cannot allow patients to do. It is an article designed to make you aware you often have a choice when choosing to have family dental care. Every plan, family, and patient are different. At Stahly Family Dentistry, our staff are experts in explaining the benefit process and how you can get the most out of your well-earned coverage. A phone call is all it takes to help with the confusion. As always, thank you for reading and feedback is always welcome. Enjoy the website